COVID-19 Update- It is business as usual from Anderson Zaks – we continue to support all our customers through these difficult times; Please also be aware that your contactless limit in the UK will rise to £45.00 from April 1st
Anderson Zaks
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  • Powering your Payments

    Plan for business growth, higher transaction volumes, new markets, and Omni-Channel trading.

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  • Future-Proofing your Business

    Secure, fast, reliable, transaction processing, for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

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  • Defining the Industry

    Providing new ways to accept payments, increase sales and improve customer service.

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  • The Power of RedCard

    Helping reduce business risk, protect cardholder information and simplifying compliance.

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    High Availability Reliability and Performance

    Always Looking After Our Customers

    High Quality Personalised Customer Care

    Any Time-Day or Night

    "Along with success comes a reputation for wisdom."


For over twenty years Anderson Zaks, the most innovative of long-standing and independent companies in the payments space, has enabled partners and merchants to strengthen their customer relationships and grow their business. By differentiating & enhancing their value proposition and extending reach and presence, our industry-defining RedCard product suite delivers an unparalleled array of easy-to-adopt omni-channel payment solutions, to an equally diverse range of vertical markets. Wherever the customer scenario, whatever the technology, whoever the acquirer, whichever the device, we’re confident that with Anderson Zaks’ future-proof approach, you can take it as Red.

RedCard, the payment solution your customers want you to use. 

Stores, e-Commerce, Contact Centres, Kiosks, UPTs, Mobile.