COVID-19 Update- It is business as usual from Anderson Zaks – we continue to support all our customers through these difficult times; Please also be aware that your contactless limit in the UK will rise to £45.00 from April 1st
About Us

Omni-Channel Payment Service Provider

shutterstock 87136774Once upon a time, an engaging young man wanted to go to his first music festival and set the alarm on his new smart-phone early enough that he was able to secure a prized ticket. The coach journey to the west-country venue was incident-free and made even easier by his clever purchase of a couple of tasty sandwiches from his favourite deli. Somewhat unsurprisingly, during the weekend he over-indulged in cheap supermarket beer and consequently felt the need to recover in a last-minute hotel room, stomach-calming product in hand! Thankfully, he lived happily ever after. 
Now, what this tale means in the real world is that customers expect to be able to use their purchasing power in all scenarios, including contactless and mobile. They are extremely comfortable in call-centre & online shopping malls, and ‘chip & pin’ has been second nature for years. Provided the transactions are painless, event-free, swift and secure, the customer takes little notice of the device and has no appreciation whatsoever of an acquirer, which is just as well as, during the weekend, our young man used virtually everyone’s devices, services and solutions! Thankfully, every transaction was processed by RedCard and each & every merchant’s service was underpinned by our focus in their particular market, be it ticketing, transport, retail, healthcare and hospitality.

We provide merchants with highly reliable, fast and secure payment processing services.  Our customers benefit from our flexibility, our personalized customer care and our independence with over 16 years experience.

We address the needs of businesses with traditional stores/premises, e-Commerce merchants, as well as sectors new to card acceptance. Although headquartered in the UK, we have extensive European capabilities to support the needs of multinational organisations. We go to market via a network of partners who bring specific sector expertise.

Our customers range from large multinational organisations to small and medium sized enterprises. Our RedCard Processing Services handle transactions from over 15,000 sites. Data security is a top priority; our data centres are PCI Level 1 certified and RedCard Applications have been PA-DSS validated. We maximise your choice of acquirers, devices, cards, transaction types and value added services. Our expertise helps reduce the amount of time it takes to integrate systems. We offer pre-accredited solutions and our latest point-to-point encryption option helps reduce PCI DSS compliance scope.

Anderson Zaks is 100% focussed on payment processing services.  As the first UK PSP to join EPSM we support standard setting and help drive innovation. Each day we strive to deliver improved service and value to our customers.

Like we said, with Anderson Zaks you can take it as Red.