COVID-19 Update- It is business as usual from Anderson Zaks – we continue to support all our customers through these difficult times; Please also be aware that your contactless limit in the UK will rise to £45.00 from April 1st
Our History


Since Our Inception in 1997

We pioneered integrated Chip and Pin and our system, RedCard, has thrived in embracing the ever-changing and challenging world of payment processing.
Over this period and, in particular during recent years, there have been major changes in both regulatory compliance and innovative payment methods for face-to-face, online and mobile processing. In rising to these challenges, Anderson Zaks have stayed ahead of both the game and the competition:
    We were one of the first to offer a fully managed, secure,  resilient and compliant payment processing service
    We enable merchants to reduce their security risk
    We help merchants reduce their security compliance requirements
    We support future-proof payment technology
    We embrace new standards and procedures mandated by international payment schemes and acquirers
Today, we continue act as thought-leaders within contactless, web, mobile and other Omni-Channel payments. Working with ePOS & mPOS software vendors, hardware providers and all UK&I acquirers, our service provision, combined with our payments expertise, enables organisations to create a more responsive, flexible and customer-centric environment.
Our independence, innovative thinking and market insight, allows Anderson Zaks to remain at the forefront of fully compliant PCI DSS payment services.