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Why RedCard?

Why RedCard?

Customers expect to be able to pay by card today. They expect mobile transactions to be simple, clean and secure. They make 10 billion transactions annually with almost 80% of these on their debit cards and with over 70% of UK retail sales, ‘plastic’ remains the clear favourite payment method. Purchases are made through a variety of sales channels at any time of day, and any day of year. With this in mind, merchants are looking for a superbly managed payment processing service that offers:
    High reliability. With at least 99.95% availability and under one second authentication we realise that any downtime will impact sales
    Nuclear bomb proof. For your peace of mind, our data-centres are located in the securest of ex-military bunkers
    Compliance assured. The simplest and most efficient way to achieve complete PCI DSS, ISO27001 & ITIL v3 approval and compliance
    Excellent customer service. No one can afford to lose customers in today’s highly competitive environment
    Omni-Channel processing. A single PSP to handle all channels and transactions
    Strong data security. Protecting your brand and customers
    Fixed monthly costs. Removing costly capital expenditure  
    Maximum choice and flexibility. Offering a path for new capabilities and payment options
    Powerful management information. Allowing improved decision making
    Innovation. Support for the latest devices and technologies including token identifiers and point-to-point encryption
    Cross border processing. Bringing efficiencies, cost savings and eliminating duplication
    Value added services. To boost revenues and aid customer retention
    Honesty and trust. Delivering on commitments and acting as a strategic partner
As an independent company wholly focussed on card payments and with almost twenty years’ experience, we add real value to our clients. We help them navigate through the ever changing and increasingly complex payments environment. By outsourcing their payment processing to us we help reduce the pain, time, and costs of achieving, and maintaining compliance. You can concentrate your energies on growing your business and improving profitability.
We would love to explain how we differ from other players in the market and the value we can bring to your business. Please contact us today!