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Payment Security Compliance

Payment is Our Business, Security is in Our Nature

All too often, businesses perceive security as a necessary evil or a rubber stamping exercise to pass their next audit. Anderson Zaks has made a conscious decision to put security at the forefront of everything we do.

Anderson Zaks is passionate about delivering the best support and the best security to our customers. Our dedicated team ensure that security and compliance standards are not just met but exceeded. Our closely integrated development, support and security teams ensure that security is the first word on our lips before any new projects or critical decisions are undertaken.

We are here to help. If a customer has concerns about their compliance requirements then our security team is happy to provide appropriate guidance and support.Our point-to-point encryption option helps reduce PCI DSS compliance scope. We are backed up by a network of security organisations and QSAs.

To ensure the security of your payments, Anderson Zaks provides:

  • PCI DSS compliant infrastructure
  • PA-DSS validated payment applications
  • P2PE payment option
  • Highly secure infrastructure
  • Security orientated people
  • Established policies and processes