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Case Studies

Partridges streamlines checkout with fully integrated EPOS and card payment solutions from In‑Tech and Anderson Zaks

Royal Warrant holder boosts customer satisfaction with more efficient systems and paves way for Contactless Payments

Partridges is one of the few family run food shops in Central London and is still supplied by some of its original suppliers. Established in 1972, now with five shops, a food market, a bistro and a thriving online business, Partridges has expanded while retaining its original ideal ‘above all, to be the best. The retailer has a growing export business for its own label products and places great emphasis on organic and environmentally friendly products. In 1994, Partridges was granted the Royal Warrant as Grocers to Her Majesty the Queen.

Customer service is of paramount importance to Partridges, particularly at the checkout. Previously the stores used a Barclaycard system for processing card payments. While this was a reliable solution, lack of integration with the EPOS software meant the process was slow when compared to more modern systems, leaving customers frustrated at the length of time it took to pay for goods. During busy times, this could become quite an issue. The time had come to look for a more efficient system that could better cope with the retailer’s sales volumes and trading patterns.

Integrated EPOS and Card Payment Streamlines Payments

The decision was taken to replace the systems with one integrated solution that would streamline checkout operations, and provide better visibility and control of purchasing and sales data for each of the shops. Ian Willard, a Director at Partridges who lead the project commented; “We considered a number of companies, however, we chose the integrated solution from In-Tech and Anderson Zaks for two reasons. Their software most closely matched our requirements, and the company itself seemed to be a good fit for our ethos and way of working.”

Step by Step Approach

Rather than take the ‘big bang’ approach and change everything at once, mainly due to previous experience, Ian and his team took a more cautious approach. First they implemented In‑Tech’s CHOISE Retail Management system which provides Head Office, Store Back Office and POS – all communicating in real time across the Internet. CHOISE is designed to manage all merchandising and sales activities, from POS to Board reports, and is particularly suited for grocery retailers. The solution incorporates a powerful Loyalty and Customer Accounts function.

Once the CHOISE system was well established, the team at Partridges took the second step of the project which was to move to a fully integrated card payment solution using RedCard from Anderson Zaks, ultimately being able to process contactless payments. The integration between POS and card payments means that Partridges now have a single entry of transaction amounts and quicker transaction times. Faster processing times have dramatically improved customer service. Being able to reconcile payments to sales, reduces the possibility of card fraud, and the retailer also benefits from a reduction in paper used, and has a clearer counter top.

“The implementation has been well managed, and we have been very happy with the service from In‑Tech and Anderson Zaks,” stated Ian Willard. “The integrated system has solved the issues that we had, and we are now processing card payments in about half the time that it used to take. This has reduced queues and significantly improved customer satisfaction, which was the aim of the project.”

The RedCard system handles all cards including credit, debit and charge cards, using Chip & PIN, contactless and magnetic stripe technology. In addition the system can cater for e‑Top Up, gift cards, dynamic currency conversion and loyalty transactions.

Contactless Future

Looking to the future, Ian Willard commented; “We now have a reliable POS and card payment solution in place that will support the business going forward. We are now able to analyse sales data more effectively, which helps with merchandising decisions. What we particularly like about the In‑Tech/Anderson Zaks solution is that the system will grow with us. The technology is now in place for when we are ready to take the next step, namely Contactless Payments where cardholders simply tap their cards to make purchases, which will again, significantly speed up checkout times..”