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RedCard - Cloud

POS, M-POS and Tablets

The usage of Cloud Computing is growing extremely fast. Analysts are predicting that it will become the main way to deliver IT services in the future. Cloud offers higher processing capacity and performance at a lower cost. Many retailers have recognised the potential of the cloud and are looking to adopt it when they next refresh their IT systems. New point of sale applications are emerging that utilise a cloud based architecture.

We have recognised this shift to the cloud and designed our RedCard processing service and applications to work in this new environment. We are sensitive to security concerns and ensure card details remain safe at all times. We expect private clouds to be the most applicable architecture for payment processing implementations.

Thanks to our modern architecture it is easy for us to support cloud implementations. Our RedCard Cloud solution accepts transactions from a variety of devices including POS terminals, tablets and mobile phones. We have many live cloud implementations today. These come from a wide variety of sectors including ticketing, healthcare, transport and general retail.

RedCard is available under a variety of commercial models including Payment as a Service (Paas).

The benefits include:

  • Improved delivery flexibility
  • Simplified integration
  • Cost savings
  • Omni-Channel capabilities