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RedCard - POS

Store Payments

We offer merchants an integrated point of sale payment processing environment. This provides seamless integration between the EPOS and Payments applications.

The benefits of an Integrated POS environment include:

  • Single entry of transaction amounts
  • Quicker transaction times
  • Improved customer service
  • Fraud reduction
  • Paper savings
  • Counter space savings

The RedCard POS application has already been integrated to multiple POS applications and is quick to interface to new ones thanks to our clear and flexible XML based API. We support multiple card reading PIN pads from all the major device manufacturers.

We maximise your choice, supporting all UK and Irish acquirers as well as many from across continental Europe. We understand the importance of always being able to accept card payments and therefore offer a stand-in authorisation capability in case of network or processing centre unavailability.

RedCard POS accepts:

  • Credit, Debit and Charge cards
  • Chip & PIN, contactless and magnetic stripe technology
  • E-Top Up, Gift card, Dynamic Currency Conversion and Loyalty transactions

RedCard is designed using a service oriented software architecture, which is split into a set of client components and a set of server components. RedCard POS has been optimised for use in conjunction with our RedCard Processing services.

RedCard includes a Terminal Management System which allows automatic software upgrades, collection of log files and device management without needing the physical intervention of the merchant or a site visit. This reduces costs, improves operational efficiency and speeds up the time to resolve issues.

RedCard Client is Windows 10 Compatible:

RedCard Client is now supported on Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise.

RedCard Client is currently supported on version 1607 of the Long-Term Servicing Branch (LTSB) of Windows 10. It will be supported for the lifetime of the app for new installation until 01/2020 or the lifetime of this Windows 10 LTSB for existing installations.