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Authorisation and Settlement

Secure, Fast, Reliable Transaction Processing

Thanks to the increasing complexity of card payments (since the move to Chip & PIN) and more stringent compliance requirements (such as PCI DSS), all but the largest retail merchants are now looking to outsource their card processing to Payment Service Providers rather than running payment systems in-house.

RedCard Processing services have been established to address these needs. We provide a high performance and cost effective authorisation and settlement service for merchants. This allows merchants to focus on growing their businesses and leaves the worries of running payments processing to the experts.

We know that merchants are looking for:

  • High reliability – at least 99.95% systems availability
  • Fast transaction times – less than one second for an authorisation
  • Strong data security – that’s why we are PCI DSS Level 1 certified
  • Responsive customer service – to resolve issues quickly
  • Cost effective – a fixed monthly fee

We support:

  • Omni-Channels – store, e-Commerce, contact centre, kiosk, UPT, mobile
  • All popular card types – Chip & PIN, contactless, magnetic stripe
  • e-Commerce transactions with CSV, AVS and 3D-secure
  • All UK and Irish acquirers – plus many from continental Europe
  • Multi currency processing – plus dynamic currency options
  • Settlement files – meeting acquirer specifications
  • Realtime reporting – offering powerful management information
  • Range of value added transactions – gift card, prepaid, e-TopUp, loyalty

RedCard Processing services are delivered from industrial strength data centres that have been PCI DSS Level 1 certified. The data centres are equipped with hardened infrastructure and use dual communication providers to ensure transactions can always be authorised. We have introduced point-to-point encryption and tokenisation options to help our customers strengthen security at the same time as reducing the effort, pain and cost of maintaining PCI DSS compliance.