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In 2012 we enhanced our RedCard Processing Service to offer a tokenisation solution. This helps merchants improve data security and simplify PCI DSS compliance.

What it is:

Through tokenisation, card numbers are replaced with a randomly generated series of numbers called "tokens," which are of little use to hackers as they cannot be used to make fraudulent purchases.

How it works:

When a transaction is processed a token is automatically generated and returned to the merchant for future reference. This token is associated to the credit or debit card number used during the transaction. For subsequent transactions, the merchant can process a new transaction by referencing the token and the RedCard Processing Service will process the charge on the card associated to the token. We store the actual credit or debit card details in a PCI DSS Level 1 certified environment for processing but only display the token for anyone accessing the RedCard Reporting portal.

Every payment processing function, including refund handling, previously operated by the merchant using a card number can now be performed using the token identifier. Tokenisation is available across all sales channels allowing a single view of all customer activity.

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced security
  • Simplified PCI DSS compliance
  • Complete view of all customer activity

The RedCard Tokenisation solution is at the forefront of payments processing. For an Omni-Channel retailer we would recommend it be implemented in conjunction with our RedCard Point-to-Point Encryption solution. The two solutions have been designed to work seamlessly together and, when combined, deliver maximum value.