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Gift and Loyalty Card Processing

Value Added Transaction Services

We provide support for a wide variety of value added transaction types through our RedCard Processing service. These include gift card activation and redemption, mobile phone electronic top-up, prepaid card acceptance and loyalty card processing. We work with a variety of specialist providers to ensure maximum choice, capabilities and options. RedCard captures the appropriate details and then switches the transactions securely to the correct specialist processor.

Benefits to merchants include:

  • Generation of incremental sales revenues from new product lines
  • Boosting profit margins and receipt of healthy commission payments
  • Attracting new customers into your store
  • Strengthening loyalty and customer relationships
  • Reinforcing brand recognition and customer service
  • Issuing gift cards instead of cash for merchandise returns
  • Purchases made with gift card are typically higher than the average basket ticket
  • Easy integration with your POS application
  • Range of report options available

The modern and flexible design of RedCard makes it simple to add new value added services to your business. Talk to us about which may be most appropriate for your business. Go ahead and improve your financial performance and establish competitive differentiation.