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Mobile Payments

m-Commerce, M-POS and NFC Payments

The rapid growth and development of mobile payments is arguably the most important issue currently affecting the payments industry. Smart phones are rapidly being adopted by consumers worldwide and the UK is one of the leaders.

The power and communications capabilities of the smart phone have created many new opportunities both for consumers and businesses. Consumers are increasingly using mobile phones or tablets rather than PCs to shop online. Businesses are excited about the potential for incremental sales volumes and mobile trading.

Mobile Payment Options:

  • Payment on Mobile (m-Commerce) via In-App Payment or Web Browser
  • Mobile at the Point of Sale Paying in store making an NFC transaction
  • Mobile as the Point of Sale (M-POS) Cloud based mobile EMV card readers

RedCard Processing Services support all three categories of mobile payments listed above. We process m-Commerce transactions in exactly the same way as we do e-Commerce ones. We can handle card security code checking and 3D secure authentication as and when required.

Thanks to our extensive contactless experience we have no trouble accepting NFC (Near Field Communication) based transactions if a consumer chooses to use their NFC enabled smart phone at the point of sale.

Micro merchants who wish to start accepting card payments can now use their smart phone, coupled with a PCI approved Chip & PIN reader, as a full point of sale and payment terminal. Merchants with physical outlets are also interested in M-POS to improve customer service and to act as queue busting devices. We support a range of mobile devices including portable terminals, dongles and Bluetooth Chip & PIN readers. We have experience with multiple operating systems.

Whatever your mobile payment needs RedCard should be able to handle them. It’s all part of our Omni-Channel payment processing capabilities. Please get in touch, so that we can start discussing the best way forward.