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Recurring Payments

Repeat Payment Instructions

We support a range of services for merchants processing subscription and instalment payments made by credit or debit cards.

Recurring payments (also known as repeat or subscription payments) are ideal for any merchant that takes regular transactions throughout the year. They also apply to annual renewals of services such as insurance policies.

The way we handle recurring payments is highly innovative. We don’t keep a table of customers and associated card details as this poses significant security risks. Instead we allocate a unique token number to each customer. We then always track customer activity and initiate transactions using the token identifier rather than the card number. As tokens have no commercial value there is no reason for a criminal to try and steal them.


  • Increases cash flow with on-time payments
  • Improves customer service and retention
  • Reduces administration time
  • Eliminates late fees and past-due follow up calls
  • Securely stored information eliminates duplicate data entry

Additional options we could support are the Visa Account Updater and MasterCard Automatic Billing Updater. These services help reduce the number of transactions declined and prevent the associated loss of revenue. Please let us know if you would like to explore these options in more detail.